WISDOM ARTS INC. & Writer/Producer/Director Selentia Q. Moore is changing the world starting with our communities, and with inspiring, powerful, true, HISTORIC, extraordinary stories of amazing people just like you! We are seeking people who have overcome the challenges of life and are ready to do the same to inspire others. We want to produce and direct your story for the stage! Tell anyone who has a story that must be told, in a powerful way with integrity. If you have or have not written a book, memoirs, performs, etc., the world needs to hear and SEE your story live on stage! We are bringing stories to the stage with passion in an excellent way! You will gain exposure and inspire communities and the world with your story! Your branding will go to new levels and you will have an amazing video marketing tool if you desire to record your staged story!

THE YOUTH AND ADULTS of Moore Arts Movement will be cast to perform your story and your story will be used as a curriculum that will teach performing arts to experienced and inexperienced PERFORMERS. The talent that will be used on stage to tell your story will be unprecedented! If you are interested in THE BIG DREAMS PROJECT as a person with a powerful story, a play write with a script, or if you are interested in becoming a PERFORMER with this project, please contact Writer/Producer/Director, Selentia Q. Moore



2018-2019 Moore Arts Movement Theater Company / The Big Dreams Project Productions




WISDOM ARTS INC presents Moore Arts Movement Theater Company and Pholli Arts Company - Washington, DC - Atlanta, Georgia