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Professional Training with teaching based on Christian Values

AGES 6-16

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N O W     E N R O L L I N G

W  E  L  C  O  M  E

 SUMMER VIRTUAL PERFORMING ARTS INTENSIVE CAMP  will focus on academics, performing arts, and personal growth in a highly structured, disciplined, and creative virtual environment. Personal growth will be explored as well as understanding the implications of one's own behavior.  Socialization skills and group dynamics will be a highlight for personal growth. Academics will be approached through techniques used for creative and visual learners. Every child is encouraged to attend May through July to gain the full benefits of this fun-filled learning process. We look forward to a summer that will UPLIFT every child with skills and positive, lifelong memories that they will never forget.  

Zoooooooooooom requirements for camp!

Our virtual class is an intensive ZOOM class. Although not in person, we still promote a standard of discipline along with the fun! All students must be in a room without distractions. Only the student registered for the class should be in the room. All students must have room to move around without restrictions. 

***ABSOLUTELY NO EATING OR SNACKING  DURING CLASS, unless the instructor gives permission. 


GIRLS: Solid black leggings or long solid black athletic shorts or solid black sweatpants AND a colorful t-shirt with no designs or pockets OR WRITING,

BLACK Jazz (loafer style) or ballet dance shoes  

BOYS: Long solid black athletic shorts or solid black sweatpants AND a colorful t-shirt with no designs, Jazz dance shoes (loafers) NO DESIGNS ON CLOTHING.

Dollar Tree's have $1 T-shirts . 

You may purchase leather jazz loafers (boys & girls) or black ballet (girls only) shoes online or at a dance specialty store. Please pay attention to the sizing instructions. You must have dance shoes purchased by July 3rd. Black socks or bare feet are acceptable until shoes are purchased. 

***PARENTS WILL BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY IF CHILDREN ARE NOT IN UNIFORM. Parents will be notified if children do not adhere to the request of the instructors and/or do not participate in the class.

FINAL VIDEO PROJECT:  Arrangements will be made for students in all states and abroad to include every child in the final video project!! 

Every child who resides in the state of Georgia and the Washington, DC area who attends the virtual camp will be expected to attend 2-3 in-person rehearsals for the filming of a final project. Professional videographers have been hired to produce a high-quality film project from what was taught in VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMP.  The final project is included in the 2-3 in-person rehearsals.  

The rehearsals will use intentional social distancing, including no more than 5-10 people on the set for the filming. Parents are asked to accompany their child for the first 30 minutes of rehearsal to assist in dressing students in costume if needed.

Arrangements will be made for students in every state!

SUMMER DATES AND TIMES - Days and times below are subject to change according to ages of children enrolled in camp. All parents who register will be notified with confirmation of your child's days and times. 

The virtual training will take place on ZOOM:

***May 26, 2020 - July 30, 2020 - 1 p.m.- 5 p.m.  

(If your child's school session ends in June, please call the Director regarding joining our Summer Virtual camp.)


Mondays and Fridays will be reserved for possible homework assignments and to ensure that students have time to be well prepared for class.

ALL students are expected to attend classes every day, Tuesday-Thursday. These classes will be intensive, and fun. There will be makeup classes for those who miss class in case of sickness or emergency. There will be no child left behind. Please communicate with the director immediately if your child misses a class. Thank you.


***The registration fee is $50 for the first child and $40 for every sibling. Registrations are due when you register by email. See below.

All students must be registered by 6 p.m. Monday, May 25, 2020

***The weekly fee is $60 per child. $50 weekly for each sibling residing in the same household.

Each child must have their own screen for Zoom.

LATE FEES: The weekly Fees must be paid by 6 p.m. FRIDAY BEFORE the week of class. Parents are required to attach a $10 late fee to all fees paid after 6 p.m. Fridays.


CASH APP: $thebigdreamsprojectS    

ZELLE: Bandorchestrate@aol.com   

PAY PAL: Thebigdreamsproject@gmail.com

Please contact Mrs. Moore directly if you have any questions concerning registration and/or fees. 404.337.8948

We are here to help. Thank you.



Email: TheBigDreamsProjectVirtual@gmail.com 

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Parent's name:

Mailing address: (for t-shirt and student incentives)

Parents Cash app: (If using cash app)

Parent's direct cell number:

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Child's name:

Child's cell: (if no cell, put parent)

Child's direct email address: (if no email, put parent)

Email Address for ZOOM class:  (MUST be given)


TO COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION: Pay your registration fee. (see above)

Once we receive your email and your fee,  registration is complete!

 You will receive a WELCOME LETTER TO 

SUMMER VIRTUAL PERFORMING ARTS INTENSIVE CAMP! You will receive links to ZOOM classes every week. 

Space is limited! We recommend that you REGISTER as soon as possible to hold your child's spot. 


Drama   Dance   Vocal   Visual Arts  Instrumental Music  Character Development 


Professional performing arts training since 1991 Anthony & Selentia Q. Moore, Co-founders/Directors

Anitra Birdsong, Co-Producer Sharleen Bradford Kavetski, Production Manager


If you have any other questions, concerns, special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a family-friendly environment, putting the child in the center, empowering with greatness through academics, the arts, and personal growth! 

Anthony & Selentia Q. Moore, Founding Directors 404.337.8948


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